MASTERMIND & Prosper with Empowered Investors

Set sail on a transformative mastermind journey that combines luxury, networking & top-tier investing education. Learn strategies, connect with seasoned investors and explore breathtaking destinations.

Enjoy it all on our 5-day cruise for Empowered Investors


Embark on a voyage that promises not just relaxation, but also a wealth of knowledge, tools, and connections that can set you on the path to financial freedom.



This isn't just any cruise; it's a voyage of discovery and transformation tailored for the Empowered Investor Pro community. Over 5 days, immerse yourself in:


Collaborative Learning Sessions: Engage with international experts and get insights on global real estate trends. Discover how to thrive during inflationary times, maximize profits, minimize taxes, and choose the right markets for your portfolio.


Hands-On Workshops & Roundtables: Participate in interactive sessions focused on advanced asset protection, income property financing strategies, and more. Gain actionable insights that you can implement immediately.


Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of like-minded investors, industry leaders, and real estate moguls. Share experiences, forge partnerships, and expand your investment horizons.


Luxury & Leisure Combined: While the days are packed with learning, the evenings are all about relaxation and enjoyment. Indulge in gourmet dining, entertainment shows, and explore exotic destinations during port calls.

Dive into the world of income property like never before. Get your invitation now and set sail towards unparalleled success, new friends and FUN!

Dive into the world of income property like never before.

Get your invitation now and set sail towards success, new friends and FUN!


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Dine. FUN. GROW.

Our voyage is your opportunity to dine and converse with real estate experts during our exclusive Investor Round Table Dinners. More than just meals & fun; they're a chance to:


Engage with Experts:

Share a table with Jason Hartman and other real estate pros. Dive deep into discussions, ask questions, and gain insights that aren't available in traditional workshop settings.


Intimate Setting:

With limited seating, these dinners ensure meaningful interactions. It's an intimate environment where every question is heard, and every conversation is valuable.


Gourmet Dining:

While the discussions promise intellectual nourishment, the gourmet meals ensure your palate is equally satiated. Experience fine dining at its best, with dishes curated to perfection.


Forge Lasting Connections:

Beyond the knowledge shared, these dinners are an opportunity to build relationships. Connect with speakers and fellow attendees, forging bonds that could lead to future collaborations and partnerships.


Step aboard the Celebrity Apex

the pinnacle of modern luxury cruising

As the second ship in the highly anticipated Edge® series,

the Celebrity Apex is designed to revolutionize the way

you experience the world.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Innovative Design & Spaces

Innovative Design & Spaces

As the second ship in the highly anticipated Edge® series, the Apex is designed to revolutionize the way you experience the world. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Gastronomic Delights

Gastronomic Delights

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other. Whether you're savoring the flavors of the Mediterranean at the Cyprus Restaurant, enjoying a classic meal at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, or exploring Italian delights at the Tuscan Restaurant, your palate is in for a treat.

Artisanal CocktailS

Artisanal CocktailS

Quench your thirst with handcrafted cocktails at The Eden Bar, enjoy the casual country club atmosphere at The Sunset Bar, or witness the flair bartenders' gravity-defying skills at The Martini.

Relax & Rejuvenate

Relax & Rejuvenate

The Apex isn't just about indulgence; it's about relaxation. Find your zen, rejuvenate your senses, and let the worries of the world drift away as you sail towards new horizons.


Cosmopolitan Restaurant

Cosmopolitan Restaurant

We know our current main dining experience across our fleet is one of the reasons guests sail with us time and time again.

Tuscan Restaurant

Tuscan Restaurant

Step inside and discover the delicious ambiance — a modern classical design centered around Italian fashion and film.

Cyprus Restaurant

Cyprus Restaurant

Seafood and simple, clean dishes celebrate the cuisine of the Mediterranean.


The Sunset Bar

The Sunset Bar

Watch the world go by with a cocktail in hand as live pop and folk tunes play. With a casual country club atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to soak in spectacular views.

The Martini

The Martini

Behind an inviting, attention-getting bar, flair bartenders dazzle with gravity-defying skill as they craft creative cocktails.

The Eden Bar

The Eden Bar

Your senses are in for a tantalizing new treat. At Eden Bar, fresh ingredients and garnishes are hand-picked for artisanal cocktails.


Edge Villas

Edge Villas

We’re excited to introduce Edge Villas, the second new suite category on Celebrity Edge.

Iconic Suite

Iconic Suite

As an Iconic Suite guest, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world—literally.

Royal Suite

Royal Suite

Explore the islands that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution all while immersed in modern luxury.


Embark on a 5-night transformative voyage tailored for you, blending luxury, relaxation & networking as you sail through some of the world's most scenic destinations.

Round Trip

5 Nights

3 Ports

2 Days At Sea

Day 1: Setting Sail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sat, Apr 27, 2024 - Departs: 3:30PM

Begin your journey in style. As the ship sets sail, familiarize yourself with the onboard amenities, mingle with fellow investors, and set the tone for a voyage of discovery and relaxation.

Day 2: Leisure & Exploration in Key West, Florida Sun,

Apr 28, 2024 - Docked: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Experience the vibrant culture and beauty of Key West. Explore the town, indulge in local delicacies, and enjoy the day at your own pace, recharging for the upcoming workshop sessions.

Day 3: Wealth-Building & Networking At Sea

Apr 29, 2024

Dive deep into the world of real estate investment. Engage in hands-on workshops that provide actionable strategies to ensure your investments thrive, even during inflationary times. Between sessions, network with fellow investors, forging connections that could last a lifetime.

Day 4: Relaxation & Exploration in Cozumel, Mexico

Tue, Apr 30, 2024 - Docked: 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Discover the enchanting beauty of Cozumel. Whether you choose to explore ancient ruins, bask on sun-kissed beaches, or shop for local crafts, this day is yours to enjoy as you see fit.

Day 5: Advanced Asset Protection & Strategy At Sea

Wed, May 1, 2024

Delve into advanced investment strategies, focusing on asset protection, income property financing, and market selection. Collaborate with peers, share insights, and refine your investment roadmap for the future.

Day 6: Disembark in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thu, May 2, 2024 - Arrival: 7:00AM

As the ship docks and you prepare to disembark, reflect on the wealth of knowledge gained, the connections made, and the memories created. Return home not just rejuvenated, but also empowered and equipped for unparalleled success in your real estate endeavors.



Dive Deep into Real Estate's Elite Circle…

On the pristine decks of the Celebrity Apex, with the vast ocean as your backdrop, and Jason Hartman as your compass, this isn't just another cruise—it's your gateway to the inner circle of real estate magnates

Network Like Never Before:

On the pristine decks of the Celebrity Apex, with the vast ocean as your backdrop, and Jason Hartman as your compass, this isn't just another cruise—it's your gateway to the inner circle of real estate magnates

Experience Over Theory:

We've all sat through those monotonous seminars, scribbling notes and waiting for coffee breaks. Here, every wave, every conversation, every shared meal is a lesson. It's real estate wisdom, but not as you’ve never seen before.

Success Isn't Taught;

It's Caught:

Jason Hartman didn't just read about real estate; he lived it. With a portfolio spanning 11 states and 17 cities, he's not just sharing theories but time-tested strategies. And now, he's laying it all out for you.

It's Not a Cruise; It's a Revolution:

Between the Speaker Round Table Dinners, the hands-on workshops, and the spontaneous deck discussions, you're not just on a ship; you're on a life-changing journey.

Your Personalized Investment Map:

No more generic advice. Using Jason's unique "Area Agnostic™" approach, carve out a strategy that resonates with your goals, your vision, and the markets that align with them.

Our Seal of Excellence:

We stake our reputation on the transformative power of this voyage. It's not just about the luxury or the destinations; it's about the seismic shift you'll experience in your real estate mindset.

Embark on a journey where every sunset promises a new investing secrets,

every conversation holds potential and every moment is a step closer to your empire.

Ready to up your real estate game?


Why is this cruise different from any other real estate event?

Imagine merging the luxury of a world-class cruise with the transformative power of an elite real estate investing seminar. This isn't just another event; it's a curated experience where every moment is designed to elevate your investing prowess. By the time you disembark, you won't just have memories of a fantastic voyage; you'll possess actionable strategies to dominate the real estate market.

What's included in the cruise package?

Think of this as your all-access pass to luxury and knowledge. Not only do you get unparalleled real estate insights, but we've also taken care of all the essentials. From WiFi to keep you connected, a drinks package to toast to your successes, to gratuities ensuring seamless service - it's all covered. Step aboard, and let us handle the rest. You could sail through this journey without spending an extra dime, focusing solely on amplifying your investment game.

Who is this cruise for?

If you're reading this, it's for you. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, this cruise is tailored for those hungry for success. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, learn from the best, and transform your approach to real estate investing. If you're ready to elevate, this is your launchpad.

How will this cruise benefit my real estate portfolio?

Ever heard the saying, "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with"? On this cruise, you're immersing yourself with top-tier investors and experts. The insights, strategies, and connections you'll gain are designed to supercharge your portfolio. Expect to return not just refreshed but also equipped to maximize every investment opportunity.

I'm new to real estate investing. Is this cruise right for me?

Absolutely! Think of this as a fast-track to success. Instead of wading through countless courses and seminars, you're diving straight into the deep end, guided by industry legends. You'll not only catch up to your peers but potentially leapfrog many with the insights and connections you'll make.

What if I have specific questions or need personalized advice?

That's the beauty of this intimate setting. Unlike massive seminars where you're just another face in the crowd, here you have direct access to experts. Dive deep into discussions, seek personalized advice, and get answers tailored to your unique situation.

How do I qualify for this exclusive cruise?

Qualifying for this cruise is more than just ticking boxes; it's about showcasing your passion and commitment to real estate excellence. We've designed a straightforward qualification process to ensure every attendee is as dedicated as you are. Begin your qualification journey now, and position yourself among the elite.

What will the onboard experience be like?

Picture this: Waking up to the gentle sway of the ocean, attending transformative workshops by day, and networking with industry leaders by night, all while enjoying the luxury amenities of a world-class ship. Every moment onboard is meticulously crafted to offer both relaxation and empowerment. It's not just a cruise; it's a holistic experience that caters to your every need.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

We believe in transparency and value. Your cruise package is all-inclusive, covering essentials like WiFi, drinks, and gratuities. This means you can truly immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about hidden costs. Dive into sessions, network, relax, and let us handle the rest. The only investment you're making is in your future success.

What will the onboard experience be like?

Absolutely! Real estate investing is often a collaborative journey. If you have a partner or a colleague who shares your passion and drive, bring them along! They'll benefit from the same transformative insights and experiences, ensuring you both return ready to conquer the real estate world together.

Meet your Host, Jason Hartman

Founder - Empowered Investor

Jason Hartman has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities.

His Company, Empowered Investor helps people achieve The American Dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide.

Jason's Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors® is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

Speakers and other event details are subject to change.

We cannot offer refunds because we are required to make deposits with Celebrity Cruises.

You may be able to purchase travel insurance and our planner can assist with that.

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